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Welcome everyone who carries the name Jaura, is connected to a Jaura or wishes to know about the Jaura clan worldwide! All interested in joining us are cordially invited to send us an e-mail.

Jaura: "The Jaura derive their origin from the simultaneous birth of a boy and a serpent, jaura. The serpent died but the boy survived...Their tradition is that Sham Rajput of Bhatner, had two brothers, Kaku and Budhu, and 13 sons, including Jaura and Chhina..." (Rose 440-441). They are still said to revere the serpent, another symbol of a martial heritage. Also see Nischal.

Nischal (Nichal): Rose wrote: "The Nichal trace their origin to the Yadu[vanshi] clan of the Bhatti Rajputs...They say that the Sur, Shinh and Jaura Sunars are all descended from a Raja Jandhan, as are the Randhawa, Sara, and Nijjar Jats. They too observe some old Rajput customs" (441).
Source: http://mairrajputs.tripod.com/notable.html

Where do the European Jaura's trace their origins?

This page is still in the making. But, meanwhile, we would like to introduce you to two Jaura brothers. You might like to visit the homepages they are linked with.

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We would gladly provide you any information you might be interested in.

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